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"We Are"

What comes to mind when people think of
Scott Brown Media Group?

We are not everything to everyone. Instead, we are all things inventive - the creative leaders in all things audio, visual, production, and event services.


The words used below is what we build our reputation on. It is how we want people to describe us and our employees.


Just like any living thing, every part of our organization should be physically, mentally, and socially in a state of well-being. We concern ourselves with the well-being of our clients, employees, and partners.


Our goal is to have employees happy to work here, vendors eager to partner, and clients grateful for the services.


This does not simply mean we are free from illness or disease, but we take an active step to ensure there is a balance between our goals, our expectations, and our capacities.


As a business, our goal, yes, is to earn a profit. But we also work to build a culture where everyone that interacts with SBMG, both internally and externally, benefits in some way.


“Service” may be a tired word for others and  an easy adjective to use when trying to get new business. But for us, it is one of the pillars we are built on that continues to set us apart from others.


We take service to heart. It is not the mentality of “until the client is satisfied”. For us, it is the mentality of “above and beyond”.


We actively look for ways to go the extra mile with our clients and each other. The phrase “that’s not my job” is not one we ever use.


We look for opportunities to be better. Our attention, time, and focus will be for the project at hand, free from distractions. We will be attentive to the needs of the people around us, and purposeful with our interactions, not simply trying to fill our time.


Every interaction is marked by mutual respect regardless of title or relationship. The respect we show to our clients and one another should be reciprocated by those same people.


Our goal as a compassionate company is to build trust and understanding in our relationships.

We build trust with our team members which allows us to excel at providing service to our clients. Team members who trust and understand each other work better and more effectively. The trust we build with our clients and partners allows them to know their wants, needs, and expectations will not only be met, but exceeded.

The understanding we have for each individual client ensures they know we are invested in their satisfaction and the success of their event.

We listen, seek to understand, and encourage each other to build each other up and build up those we get to work with personally.


In our industry, “versatility” means having multiple skills under your belt with a variety of uses. We take a different approach to versatility.


We wear different hats, and sometimes unexpected ones. When it comes to our clients, when problems arise, we either work to solve the problem, or find someone who can.


We don’t expect our employees to do more than what they are capable, but we do expect each person a part of SBMG to be well-rounded and eager to learn, whether that is professionally or personally.


We know there is more to someone than what they do at their job, and we look for people willing to step outside of the box of their qualifications and responsibilities to bring better service to our clients and each other.


As the adjective form of “integrity”, it is another pillar that sets us apart from the rest.


We pride ourselves on working hard until the job is done and done well. We keep our focus honed on the client and their event, free from distractions of other things.


More than that, we aim to be honest and upfront with expectations, cost, time, and ability to take on certain projects.


To be healthy, it requires us to be honest about where we stand and how we can improve, both inside and outside the company. We do not short a client out of the full experience of SBMG.


We keep our word and follow through on the things we said we would. Whether it is simply an email back or a full-service execution, when we say we will do something, it will be done.


We take ownership of what we do, both the good and bad.

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