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information about Scott Brown Media Group services

Uniquely Moving Your Audience

Who is the audience that you are trying to engage, entertain, sell to? Chances are, we know their habits, where they are, and what it takes to move them.

Since its inception in 1994, the Scott Brown Media Group has operated with the vision of becoming a company dedicated to redefining the Media/Advertising, Destination and Events service business. “All things to all people,” not hardly, “All things inventive,” absolutely. Consider us a creative “think tank” abundantly equipped with the resources and experience capable of effectively producing on a concept or agenda.

Our company has invested its efforts in three broad areas of focus and operation, with the intention of meeting all of your unique needs. Destination Management, Event Production, and Marketing/ Advertising. Our highly-skilled, creative and technical staff works across all of these business lines to ensure that we have the most appropriate team in place, regardless of your objectives.

"Intentionally blurring the lines to assemble a creative team designed to ensure that all of your media and event expectations are exceeding."

- Scott Brown - Chief Executive Officer
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Skilled Professionals

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Our Process



Who’s attuned with your business objectives and needs better than you? Some of the most brilliant concepts have failed miserably because they’ve been devoid of a properly and collaboratively developed strategy.

Our strategy phase is designed as a time for us to listen, to “take in” your valuable insights and goals, as they are paramount in develop- ing a cogent strategy. We look to collectively answer some key questions:


Whom are you trying to reach? What is the core message? How is success defined? Knowing and agreeing to the answers to these and other questions gives us a baseline criterion to reach your event goals.



Here is where our intellectual “know-how” and years of experience working

with Fortune 500 companies come into play.


We pride ourselves on being media “agnostics,” believing that great ideas are almost always “media neutral.” Whether it’s planning a corporate event or creating a compelling television ad, an inspired and creative concept is the foundation for success.


We spend this time ideating, not worrying about logistical and implementation concerns. By removing this worry, we are freed up to develop fresh ideas that are as unique and individual as your company.



This is the phase in which we roll up our sleeves and execute on the idea. Be it an elaborate set design or a complex team-building exercise, this is the culmination of our strategic and conceptual efforts.


The output of this phase is where your clients, customers, or attendees interact with your brand; so it is imperative that we’ve allocated the most appropriate technology, equipment, and personnel to effectively provide this concept. Mastery, at this stage, is paramount to the ultimate success of the project.



Subsequent to event culmination or product delivery, we don’t just pack up and leave. On the contrary, we believe that in order for us to achieve continued growth and lasting relationships, we must steadfastly reflect on our outputs. Think of it as a corporate “report card.” Sure, we’re grading ourselves, but we also encourage and expect our clients

to offer their valuable feedback.


Was the event or campaign a success when compared to the proposed criteria set forth in the Strategy phase? Has the work we’ve done resulted in a measurable return on your investment? What can we learn from this project that might make us more efficient on our next engagement?



Inc. 5000 List Award

Enhancing Your Experience

Corporate and social events needn’t be perceived as time and money lost. On the contrary, we are here to

help you and your associates maximize productivity, build team unity, and ultimately increase employee moral. All of which positively impact your bottom line.


What exactly is “Destination Management?” Simply put, we’ve assembled a team with local expertise that works with you
to maximize efficiencies in planning and executing your event. Let us use our locale specific knowledge and industry “know- how” to enhance the destination experience for you and your attendees.


Our teams’ years of experience and connections provide a convenient, single source to meet all of your event needs and ensure that they will be handled with excellence and an unmatched stewardship for your image.

Whether it’s an incentive conference, corporate destination retreat, business meeting, gala event, retirement party, or wedding, we’ve got your success front of mind.



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Productions staff information

Our Productions staff is a diverse team of experienced creative professionals dedicated to excellence. It may sound grandiose, but it’s true. We are only as good as our least satisfied client. Whether it’s providing a flip chart for a small board room meeting or the production of a full-scale event, our team is by your side throughout the process to ensure your understanding and ultimate satisfaction.

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Audio Visual Productions

We are most certainly not your “conventional” A / V Company. On the contrary, we understand that your successful event is a result of the great effort put forth long before the date of the occasion. Audio/Visual is just one component of this success. In this ever-evolving, fast-paced environment, event and meeting attendees are looking to be engaged in new and exciting ways. The efficacy of a simple LCD projector may not be enough today. Our attentive staff and unique services allow us to provision the media and event need necessary to captivate your audience.

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equipment and audio/visual gear

Our large inventory of high-end Audio/Visual gear installed and operated by our professionally trained technicians relieve you of the worries typically associated with event planning. With a supply of the latest projection, lighting, sound, video, recording, broadcasting, editing, and staging equipment, there are no limits to the events that the Scott Brown Media Group can manage.