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Tone & Personality

If you look closely, every company has a way of speaking, a certain sound they take in everything they publish. This is the tone of a company.

Are they informal and sarcastic?
Are they upbeat and friendly?
Are they direct and informative?

At SBMG, we too have a certain way of talking and communicating that should be reflected in every communication we have.

We are like your next door neighbor that you smile and wave to, making pleasant small-talk. Or your work-friend that you can pal around with until 5 pm hits. We see the fun in things, but we also know what we are talking about. We don’t do well with trying to sound above ourselves, superior, or stuck-up.


We inform, engage, and educate in real ways.



What Our Clients Say


An ever-important (but often overlooked) communication is the email. Since we mostly use email to communicate with our clients and each other, the tone we take is vital to building trust and relationship.

Emails to clients and vendors should be professional and personable with an uplifting tone.


Should a problem arise, there are specific guidelines to address and resolve the issue, including follow-up actions and solutions to explore - again, making sure to end on an uplifting note and an action forward.


To avoid sounding insincere or fake, we avoid using closing terms like “warmly”, “salutations”, or any other closing statement that sounds auto-generated.


We do not use language like “per my last email” as it will automatically put on defense the receiver of the message, making it more difficult for us to build a connection or find a satisfying solution.

Emails to other employees should be respectful and timely. If you are unable to answer a question or get something done for another employee, let them know you when you will be able to get back with them. Giving an estimated timeline will give us a better expectation of each other’s time.


Groups created in our email platform are meant to make it easier to communicate within specific regions. However, groups are created by the executive teams only.


All emails should include the company E-signature provided by SBMG.

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